Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet Trimming Ion List price Dry Lithium Deluxe Wet,Trimming,Rechargeable,$42,Blade,Dry,Ion,Wahl,Deluxe,Lithium,masoncash.com.au,Beauty Personal Care , Shave Hair Removal,Aqua,/misrepute773216.html Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet Trimming Ion List price Dry Lithium Deluxe Wet,Trimming,Rechargeable,$42,Blade,Dry,Ion,Wahl,Deluxe,Lithium,masoncash.com.au,Beauty Personal Care , Shave Hair Removal,Aqua,/misrepute773216.html $42 Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet Dry Lithium Ion Deluxe Trimming Beauty Personal Care Shave Hair Removal $42 Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet Dry Lithium Ion Deluxe Trimming Beauty Personal Care Shave Hair Removal

Trust Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet Trimming Ion List price Dry Lithium Deluxe

Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet Dry Lithium Ion Deluxe Trimming


Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet Dry Lithium Ion Deluxe Trimming

Product description

The WAHL Lithium Ion Aqua Blade Deluxe Wet/Dry Trimmer is an All-In-One trimmer, shaver, detailer, and groomer. This trimmer has a washable shower-proof design for maximum convenience and easy clean up. This trimmer will work best for beards, mustaches, stubble, ears, nose, and body grooming. Washable showerproof design, allows for convenient, easy cleaning; our patented low noise, extreme precision self-sharpening precision blades provide an ultra-close superior cutting experience for all hair amp; beard lengths without sacrificing cutting power or speed. 4 Different multipurpose attachments are perfect for all facial hair styles: Extreme Precision T-Blade, Detail Shaver, Rotary Personal Trimmer, and Detail Trimmer. For touch ups between hair clipping amp; detail shaving, mustaches, sideburns, goatees, stubble, nose, ear, other face amp; body hair. Lithium Ion power lasts for years amp; allows for months of use between charges, quick charge allows for 5 minutes of trimming from only a 3 minute charge; Built in LED charge status light allows you to know when your trimmer is fully charged. Dual voltage allows this cordless trimmer to be used anywhere, whether its domestically with 110v or internationally with 220v; our long-lasting rechargeable battery makes this trimmer the perfect choice for travel, home use, or business trips. WAHL clippers and trimmers have been used by professionals in the salon amp; barber industry since 1919; Makes great personal gifts for the men in your life! Dads, husbands, and boyfriends will love this top-rated precise self-care trimmer for any occasion. Product in packaging may not be exactly the same as photo due to continuous improvements to the product.

From the manufacturer

wahl beard trimmer lithium ion clip beard groom pro professional trim ear nose brow eyebrow neck wahl beard trimmer lithium ion clip beard groom pro professional trim ear nose brow eyebrow neck wahl beard trimmer lithium ion clip beard groom pro professional trim ear nose brow eyebrow neck wahl beard trimmer lithium ion clip beard groom pro professional trim ear nose brow eyebrow neck
Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel Trimmer Lithium Ion 2.0 Slate Stainless Steel Trimmer Lithium Ion Aqua Blade Deluxe Vacuum Trimmer
Rechargeable Battery Type Lithium Ion + Lithium Ion 2.0 Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Runtime Between Charges 6 Hours 6 Hours 2.5 Hours 2.5 Hours
Worldwide Voltage
Precision Ground Trimmer Blade
Precision T-Blade
Dual Foil Shaver
Detail Shaver
Precision Detailer
Rotary Nose Trimmer
Guide Combs Included 12 12 12 12
wahl beard trimmer lithium ion clip beard groom pro professional trim ear nose brow eyebrow neck wahl beard trimmer lithium ion clip beard groom pro professional trim ear nose brow eyebrow neck wahl beard trimmer lithium ion clip beard groom pro professional trim ear nose brow eyebrow neck wahl beard trimmer lithium ion clip beard groom pro professional trim ear nose brow eyebrow neck wahl beard trimmer lithium ion clip beard groom pro professional trim ear nose brow eyebrow neck wahl beard trimmer lithium ion clip beard groom pro professional trim ear nose brow eyebrow neck
Beard Oil Beard Wash Beard Balm Beard Softener Small Palm Beard Brush Beard amp; Mustache Wallet Comb
Usage Soothes Beard to Help Sooth Beard Irritation While Moisturizing the Skin Cleans amp; Softens Beard, Exfoliates While Moisturizing the Skin Shapes amp; Styles Beard While Moisturizing the Skin Softens Beard, Penetrates Corase Hair amp; Itchy Skin While Moisturizing the Skin Stimulates Natural Oils with 100% Wild Boar Bristles Removes Tangles Without Snagging with Fine amp; Couse Teeth for Easy Untangling
Description Restores natural moisture, promotes healthy beard growth and keeps your beard and face smelling fresh and clean. It helps nourish dry, damaged hair for any length of beard and hydrates the skin beneath, leaving you fresh amp; revitalized Formulated to keep facial hair amp; stubble clean amp; fresh without irritating the skin underneath. Our beard moisturizer keeps your beard healthy, soft, amp; well-conditioned; great for any length beard from stubble to long, thick beards Formulated to add shine amp; polish to your beard for ultimate styling control without weighing down your beard or leaving it feeling greasy or oily with our essential oils, bees wax, amp; shea butter Featuring powerful moisturizers amp; beard-specific conditioners that penetrate coarse facial hair amp; itchy skin to soften it from the inside; our beard softener keeps your beard healthy, soft, amp; well-conditioned amp; is great for any length Applies balms, creams, amp; oils far better than synthetic bristles; use it to massage the skin beneath your beard to help prevent beard dandruff amp; residue for clean amp; fresh-looking facial hair Hand cut to gently stimulate natural oils on the head amp; face for healthy scalp amp; skin; smooth, rounded tips allow for gentle stimulation of hair follicles amp; help prevent ingrown hairs while giving you healthier, tangle-free hair
Content 1.0 Fluid Ounce 6.0 Fluid Ounces 2.0 Fluid Ounces 3.0 Fluid Ounces 100% Wild Boar Bristles Premium Cellulose Acetate

Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet Dry Lithium Ion Deluxe Trimming


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Body found in parking lot of Mystic marina

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Treasures of Southeastern Connecticut


When Disaster Strikes: Shipwrecks, Storms and Other Calamities in Southeastern Connecticut


First & Finest: The 100-Year History of Naval Submarine Base New London


Looking Back: New London County: Vol. I - The 1860s - 1930s


The Charles W. Morgan: A Picture History of an American Icon


A Pictorial History of: The National Coast Guard Museum


A Generation of Excellence: UConn Women's 30-Year Reign


Looking Back -- New London County: Vol. II - The 1940s, '50s and '60s