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Persian Hair Removal Cold Sales results No. 1 Wax Kit 240 Pack ml Regular store 2 of

Persian Hair Removal Cold Wax Kit (240 ml), Pack of 2


Persian Hair Removal Cold Wax Kit (240 ml), Pack of 2

Product description

Persian Cold Wax is a sugar based wax that is gentle on sensitive skin. Best for waxing fine to medium hair types. Waxing provides long term results by removing hair from the roots and discourages re-growth. This means your skin stays smooth for weeks longer than shaving. Each time you wax, the hair follicle is weakened, over time hair regrowth becomes softer and sparser.

Persian Cold Wax is made from 4 simple ingredients: Sugar, water and citric acid. It's the best choice for those concerned about skin sensitivity as it's very gentle.

Wash your skin with soap and water, or an oil-free toner and dry well. Gently warm Persian Cold Wax in the microwave. Once the wax is like thick honey it's ready to use, carefully test temperature before applying. Apply a paper thin layer in the direction of hair growth. Press on fabric strips and zip away. Clean-up or remove any excess wax with warm water.

Sugar waxes are also known as washable waxes because they are easy to clean. All you need is warm water.

Your kit includes detailed photo instructions, please read them as technique is key.

From the manufacturer

persian cold wax persian cold wax persian cold wax persian cold wax strips
Persian Cold Wax Kit (140ml), Hair Removal Sugar Wax for Women Persian Cold Wax Kit (240ml), Hair Removal Sugar Wax for Women Persian Cold Wax Kit (60ml), Hair Removal Sugar Wax for Women Persian Wax Strips(Pre-lined) for Instant Hair Removal (40 count)
All Natural
For legs/Body -
For Underarm -
For Bikini Line -
For Face -
For Brow - - - -
Requires Heating -
Cleans with water -
Includes aftercare oil - - -
For sensitive skin -

Persian Hair Removal Cold Wax Kit (240 ml), Pack of 2



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