NGK NTK Popularity Coolant Temp 73976 EF0177 Sensor NGK NTK Popularity Coolant Temp 73976 EF0177 Sensor $25 NGK/NTK Coolant Temp Sensor EF0177 (73976) Automotive Replacement Parts Automotive , Replacement Parts,Sensor,NGK/NTK,Coolant,$25,Temp,,(73976),/leptospirosis182612.html,EF0177 Automotive , Replacement Parts,Sensor,NGK/NTK,Coolant,$25,Temp,,(73976),/leptospirosis182612.html,EF0177 $25 NGK/NTK Coolant Temp Sensor EF0177 (73976) Automotive Replacement Parts

NGK NTK Popularity Many popular brands Coolant Temp 73976 EF0177 Sensor

NGK/NTK Coolant Temp Sensor EF0177 (73976)


NGK/NTK Coolant Temp Sensor EF0177 (73976)

Product description

The engine coolant temperature sensor communicates the coolant temperature to the ECM to ensure proper air/fuel ratio, cooling fan and temperature gauge operation. Thermistor placement within the housing matches the original equipment sensor design to ensure proper output. Proper thermal conductive grease provides accurate temperature transfer to the thermistor. Causes for replacement of this sensor include check engine lights, no or erratic gauge operation, no erratic cooling fan operation, engine overheating, rough idle, engine hesitation, poor fuel economy and failed emissions tests.

NGK/NTK Coolant Temp Sensor EF0177 (73976)


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