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Car Indefinitely Window Reservation Shade 2 Packs Side Sunshades Universal

Car Window Shade (2 Packs), Universal Car Side Window Sunshades


Car Window Shade (2 Packs), Universal Car Side Window Sunshades

Product description

Why Do We Need Car Window Shade?

Ultraviolet rays can cause serious harm to people's health: The immune function drops; Deep harm to genetic factors; Skin cancer, cataract incidence increased; And behind the hands and feet of the stain, cancer incidence increased...

But our car window shades can help you block most of the UV light!

Pack of 2 car rear window sunshades, make your car more cool in inside, and let the passenger are all protect from sun exposure!

They Create A Comfortable Environment for You and Your Care

100% covering the rear side window then provides maximum shading protection for you and your family, as well as lowering the temperature in the car.

When you go out or on the trip, you can better enjoying the music, movies, video games, reading and food, you and your children, parents, friends, pets can be more relaxed, more comfortable. Even when parked!

Inside and outside layer mesh will effectively protect your kids from 97% of UV rays, blocking sunlight and glare off your eyes.

At the same time, you can still roll down the window to breath the fresh air and view outside.

Compact and easy to stock when not in use, they would be your must have car accessories for every car trip!

Simple Installation

Installation could not be simpler! Just directly pull down this flexible and stretchy mesh curtain car shade and cover on the open car door, so easy.

To attach the velcro to the car door will brings double stable without roll up or come off when open the door.

You do not need to worry about children will be considered them off in the process of driven. Convenient, safe and practical.

What You Get:

2 x MINLUK Car Window Shade

1 x Storage Bag

Every MINLUK product includes a 1 year worry-free Guarantee. If you have any problem or suggestion, please contact us freely, we will provide friendly support for you within 24 hour.

Car Window Shade (2 Packs), Universal Car Side Window Sunshades

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As Justin Bieber joins the likes of Jay-Z and Seth Rogen by entering the marijuana industry, Rosie Fitzmaurice on why the green stuff is big business for celebrities

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Jimi Famurewa on Salt Bae’s steakhouse: Not just tacky — it’s boring

£50 cappuccinos, limp sushi and the capital’s worst burger — but at least the signature steak is (almost) worth it. Jimi Famurewa has an audience with the meme-made-flesh whose viral new restaurant is the talk of the town


The story behind Salt Bae, gold-wrapped steak and a trail of lawsuits

Memes, celebrity diners and gold-encrusted steaks — it’s all part of the brand

Pubs, Bars and Nightlife

David Ellis at Soma: I left fond of the place, but not sure why

Soma is, the menu says, “In Search Of The Divine”. David Ellis wonders if they got lost

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Sustainable Standard

Eggs with a side of carbon: what’s your daily carbon calorie count?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner- and the cheeky nibbles in between- all come hand in hand with a large serving of carbon. Hafsa Khalil explores the hidden carbon calories on our plates and the company wanting to shine a light on them

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Where to live

Armistead Maupin’s guide to the south-west London area he calls home

Author and LGBT activist Armistead Maupin made his name with the novel series Tales of the City, set in Seventies San Francisco. He has lived in Clapham with his husband, Chris, for two years.


How our small, colourful home extension changed how we live and work

After four years in a dark Victorian terrace, colour consultant Keiko Cummings and her husband, Alan, knew they had to do something much more than ‘just another side return’

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Notting Hill studio for sale for £150,000 — so what’s the catch?

The property is available for cash buyers only and needs complete modernising


No WhatsApp? Here are some alternatives...

Whether it's setting messages to open in specific locations or destroying chats after 24 hours, these secure apps have got your back (in case Whatsapp goes down again)


Competition bating: BMW’s new M3 sports saloon

An exciting, scintillating car that sets tough new benchmarks for the rest to reach

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The ES Shopping Shortlist October

Ready, set- shop! The biggest and best launches to bookmark this month

Black Friday

Best Argos Black Friday deals 2021

Been waiting all year for a bargain? Now’s the time to pounce

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Future London

Why we just won’t compromise on wi-fi anymore

As the pandemic hit, internet connections became more important than ever. Sarah Finley looks at how faster speeds will change work and lifestyles again