Chemical Guys shopping BUF_900 Foam Conditioning Brush Pad $8 Chemical Guys BUF_900 Foam Pad Conditioning Brush Automotive Tools Equipment Chemical Guys shopping BUF_900 Foam Conditioning Brush Pad $8 Chemical Guys BUF_900 Foam Pad Conditioning Brush Automotive Tools Equipment Foam,$8,Chemical,Automotive , Tools Equipment,Conditioning,BUF_900,,Brush,Pad,Guys,/educe182888.html Foam,$8,Chemical,Automotive , Tools Equipment,Conditioning,BUF_900,,Brush,Pad,Guys,/educe182888.html

Chemical Directly managed store Guys shopping BUF_900 Foam Conditioning Brush Pad

Chemical Guys BUF_900 Foam Pad Conditioning Brush


Chemical Guys BUF_900 Foam Pad Conditioning Brush

Product description

The Foam Pad Conditioning Brush is a heavy duty cleverly designed brush that cleans and reconditions foam buffing pads. The ergonomic shape of the Foam Pad Conditioning Brush makes it easy to apply to any high quality pad. The tough construction of this brush stands up to constant use. When used, buffing and polishing pads start to accumulate products. Waxes, polishes and compounds that are left on pads for extended periods of time are absorbed into the foam cell structure of the pad and can become "caked in". "Caked in" or dry product can scratch surfaces and limit the proper usage of the foam pad. Regular cleaning and proper care will keep your pads in premium shape to deliver superior results every time you use them. The Foam Pad Conditioning Brush is made with a set of stiff bristles that easily pull caked and dried product out of the foam pad. The specially shaped handle makes it comfortable to grip and keeps your hand away from the spinning buffer. Simply hold the buffer upside down and place the brush on the dirty pad as it spins. The brush will quickly clean the pad and restore its texture so you can continue buffing. No more stopping to replace a pad halfway through buffing your vehicle. Similar steel brushes are made for cleaning wool pads but cannot be used on foam pads. The Foam Pad Conditioning Brush is designed for cleaning foam pads but can also be used on wool pads. After using the Foam Pad Conditioning Brush, be sure to rinse the brush and let it dry before using it on another pad. The Foam Pad Conditioning Brush is a great time-saving device and will instantly become an asset in your detailing kit.

From the manufacturer

Chemical Guys BUF_900 Foam Pad Conditioning Brush

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