NYKKOLA Zappa Beer Cap Special price Launcher Openers Random Shooter Bottle Random,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Openers,,/doubletree246869.html,Launcher,Cap,masoncash.com.au,Bottle,Zappa,NYKKOLA,Shooter,$4,Beer $4 NYKKOLA Zappa Beer Cap Launcher Shooter Bottle Openers, Random Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining NYKKOLA Zappa Beer Cap Special price Launcher Openers Random Shooter Bottle $4 NYKKOLA Zappa Beer Cap Launcher Shooter Bottle Openers, Random Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Random,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Openers,,/doubletree246869.html,Launcher,Cap,masoncash.com.au,Bottle,Zappa,NYKKOLA,Shooter,$4,Beer

NYKKOLA Zappa Beer Cap Cheap bargain Special price Launcher Openers Random Shooter Bottle

NYKKOLA Zappa Beer Cap Launcher Shooter Bottle Openers, Random


NYKKOLA Zappa Beer Cap Launcher Shooter Bottle Openers, Random

Product description

This item is a Cap Zappa Beer Bottle Opener Cap Launcher Shooter By Spinning Hat Fire Cap Shoot Over 5 Metersess-Color Random. Opening your drinks has just got mischievous. Impress your friends and onlookers with this nifty little bottle opener that not only opens your bottles with minimal effort but also doubles up as a cap launcher! With a projection that can span over 5 metres, this is the perfect companion never to be parted from. The Cap Zappa is an ideal gadget for breaking the ice at any party- just make sure your target is oblivious! Pop the cap, aim, fire, then just sit back and enjoy your tasty beverage. Also comes with a convenient key chain suitable for that quick spontaneous launch.
* Material: ABS
* Item Type: Cap Zappa - Bottle Opener amp; Cap Shooter
* Openers Type: Bottle Openers
* Size: Approx. 2cm x 12cm x 19cm
* Color: Random

Package Included:
* 1 x Bottle Opening Cap Launcher

NYKKOLA Zappa Beer Cap Launcher Shooter Bottle Openers, Random

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