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Heavy Max 44% OFF Duty Aluminum Foil Food Sales for sale 12 Roll Grade Inche

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, Food Grade Aluminum Foil Roll 12 Inche


Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, Food Grade Aluminum Foil Roll 12 Inche

Product description

about thickness of aluminum foil:
According to the standard of Aluminum Association, the thickness of aluminum foil is divided into the following grades:
0.4 - 0.7mil (10.16-17.78 micron) for Standard foil
0.8 - 1mil (20.32-25.54 micron) for Heavy Duty foil
1.1 – 1.6mil (27.94-40.64 micron) for Extra Heavy Duty foil

For most uses of food preparation, Standard foil is too thin and the Extra Heavy Duty foil is a waste. The cost of extra heavy aluminum foil that meets the standard is twice that of heavy-duty aluminum foil. This Heavy-Duty foil with 0.85mil of thickness can meet most of the needs in food service at a lower cost. For some extra heavy-duty uses, such as wrapping turkey or a large piece of pork ribs tightly for grilling, you may need to crumple it before use. you may also need to double it to get a thickness as EHD foil in extreme situations, even so, the cost still less than EHD foil. The cost of super-heavy aluminum foil that meets the standard is twice that of heavy-duty aluminum foil

tip for you:
The crumpled aluminum foil has stronger puncture resistance. When your uses exceed the strength level of the aluminum foil you hold, you can crumple the foil and then unfold it to use

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, Food Grade Aluminum Foil Roll 12 Inche

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