with,Fashions,Elegant,/cleanish246906.html,Home,Home Kitchen , Furniture,masoncash.com.au,Anna,Cabinet,Oil,2-Door,,Oak,$0,Wall Elegant Home Fashions Anna Wall with Oak Max 78% OFF Oil 2-Door Cabinet Elegant Home Fashions Anna Wall with Oak Max 78% OFF Oil 2-Door Cabinet $0 Elegant Home Fashions Anna Wall Cabinet with 2-Door, Oil Oak Home Kitchen Furniture with,Fashions,Elegant,/cleanish246906.html,Home,Home Kitchen , Furniture,masoncash.com.au,Anna,Cabinet,Oil,2-Door,,Oak,$0,Wall $0 Elegant Home Fashions Anna Wall Cabinet with 2-Door, Oil Oak Home Kitchen Furniture

Elegant Home Fashions Anna Wall with Oak Max 78% Sale Special Price OFF Oil 2-Door Cabinet

Elegant Home Fashions Anna Wall Cabinet with 2-Door, Oil Oak


Elegant Home Fashions Anna Wall Cabinet with 2-Door, Oil Oak

Product description

Anna Wall Cabinet in an Oil Oak finish has an elegant crown molded top with two doors offering storage with style for your bathroom. It is also very functional with two adjustable shelves. The tempered glass-paneled doors provides a clear view into the cabinet. It also features metal knobs for easy opening. This cabinet comes with assembly hardware.

From the manufacturer

542 541 542
Anna Floor Cabinet Anna Linen Cabinet Anna Linen Cabinet
Length 12.5 13.5 13.5
Width 26 17 17
Height 34 48.5 65

Elegant Home Fashions Anna Wall Cabinet with 2-Door, Oil Oak

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