MOCOLL Full Quality inspection Screen Protector for 12 Pro Glass Tempered iPhone $9 MOCOLL Full Screen Protector for iPhone 12/12 Pro Tempered Glass Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Pro,$9,Full,Tempered,,Screen,12/12,Protector,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,MOCOLL,Glass,for,iPhone,/butt21264.html Pro,$9,Full,Tempered,,Screen,12/12,Protector,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,MOCOLL,Glass,for,iPhone,/butt21264.html MOCOLL Full Quality inspection Screen Protector for 12 Pro Glass Tempered iPhone $9 MOCOLL Full Screen Protector for iPhone 12/12 Pro Tempered Glass Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

MOCOLL Full Quality Spring new work one after another inspection Screen Protector for 12 Pro Glass Tempered iPhone

MOCOLL Full Screen Protector for iPhone 12/12 Pro Tempered Glass


MOCOLL Full Screen Protector for iPhone 12/12 Pro Tempered Glass


Product Description



Premium Bare Screen Feeling. The Glass Filter Out 95% Of The Blue Lights From The Screen To Protect Eyes From Blu-ray Damage And Visual Fatigue

MOCOLL is Established in HongKong in 2011, Integrates Design, Ramp;D, Production And Sales in Screen Protector Industry


Incredibly Tough with 2nd Reinforced Enhancement. The Tempered Glass Made by Exclusive Enhancement Technology. Protect Screen Against Strong Crush

1. Cobweb explosion-proof layer

2. Tempered glass layer

3. Honeycomb adsorption layer


Zero Bubble, Self-Adsorption Technology is Applied To MOCOLL Screen Protector. No Bubble Appears During Screen Protectors With Right Sticking Method.

Easy Installation Steps:

  • 1: Clean the dust in the surface of the screen with alcohol bag, clean clothes and dust remover.
  • 2: Pick the screen protector up from the cardboard smoothly, meanwhile, keep the face of glue side down and do not touch it with finger.
  • 3: Put the screen protector on the LCD screen in the right hole, press the middle of the screen protector with the finger and the glass will install automatically.
  • 4: If there are some bubbles, push it to the side smoothly. The whole installation is finished.

Package Included:

  • 1x Glass Screen Protector
  • 1x Wet/Dry Wipes
  • 1x User Guide
  • 1x Dust Removal/Guide Stickers
  • Notes - Fits with most cases EXCEPT cases with hefty raised edges such as battery cases
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MOCOLL Full Screen Protector for iPhone 12/12 Pro Tempered Glass

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