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Villeroy Boch French Garden Fleurence 10-Ounce Mug


Villeroy Boch French Garden Fleurence 10-Ounce Mug

Product description

Fruit motif with laurel leaf edging Dishwasher and microwave safe Vitrified porcelain for strength and durability Imported from Luxembourg and Germany 10-ounce capacity

From the manufacturer

French Garden

The diversity of nature

The French Garden collection is one of our most popular classics and stands for timeless beauty. Fragrant orchards, a fresh green and fruity shades transform your table into a magnificent orchard. Be inspired by the delicate flowers, a ribbon of fine leaves and fresh summer fruit in warm yellows and soft greens. The porcelain design is also reminiscent of the gentle curves of a flower and adds a warmhearted touch to your table. Enjoy the power of the Mediterranean colors every day and bring a summer garden to your table.

Villeroy Boch French Garden Fleurence 10-Ounce Mug

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