x,Stripe,Urba,Wide,$42,Long,,Curtain,,/bounden373278.html,72",72",Shower,Katie's,masoncash.com.au,Home Kitchen , Bath,Vintage Katie's Vintage Stripe Shower Curtain Urba Long x 72" Wide Our shop OFFers the best service x,Stripe,Urba,Wide,$42,Long,,Curtain,,/bounden373278.html,72",72",Shower,Katie's,masoncash.com.au,Home Kitchen , Bath,Vintage $42 Katie's Vintage Stripe Shower Curtain, 72" Wide x 72" Long, Urba Home Kitchen Bath Katie's Vintage Stripe Shower Curtain Urba Long x 72" Wide Our shop OFFers the best service $42 Katie's Vintage Stripe Shower Curtain, 72" Wide x 72" Long, Urba Home Kitchen Bath

Katie's Vintage Stripe Shower Curtain Urba Bargain Long x 72

Katie's Vintage Stripe Shower Curtain, 72" Wide x 72" Long, Urba


Katie's Vintage Stripe Shower Curtain, 72" Wide x 72" Long, Urba

Product description

Size:Shower Curtain

Katie’s Vintage Stripe Collection bumps up the farmhouse appeal with the warmth and easy-going charm of old-fashioned ticking combined with luxurious softness in this timeless fabric. A marvelous choice for your bathroom right now, the collection has contemporary and up-to-date style, while still adding character and a sense of history to our everyday look. The repetitive stripe pattern offers a calming harmony regularity but keeps the eye moving, bringing distinct visual energy. The shower curtain is a double-layered fabric that adds rich, softness and casual appeal, as well as charm and vintage character to your urban farmhouse or vintage cottage. The homespun style, understated tones, and simple no-frill lines keep the look crisp and clean. Layer in additional pieces from Katie’s Vintage or other Piper Classic Collections for a more collected, cohesive look.

Katie's Vintage Stripe Shower Curtain, 72" Wide x 72" Long, Urba

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