Vandor Elvis Presley 13.5 Inch x Clock Wall Cordless Wood New color Inch,$0,/bounden246878.html,,Wood,Vandor,Clock,,Elvis,13.5,Presley,Wall,13.5,Home Kitchen , Home Décor,x,Cordless $0 Vandor Elvis Presley 13.5 Inch Cordless Wood Wall Clock, 13.5 x Home Kitchen Home Décor Inch,$0,/bounden246878.html,,Wood,Vandor,Clock,,Elvis,13.5,Presley,Wall,13.5,Home Kitchen , Home Décor,x,Cordless Vandor Elvis Presley 13.5 Inch x Clock Wall Cordless Wood New color $0 Vandor Elvis Presley 13.5 Inch Cordless Wood Wall Clock, 13.5 x Home Kitchen Home Décor

Max 78% OFF Vandor Elvis Presley 13.5 Inch x Clock Wall Cordless Wood New color

Vandor Elvis Presley 13.5 Inch Cordless Wood Wall Clock, 13.5 x


Vandor Elvis Presley 13.5 Inch Cordless Wood Wall Clock, 13.5 x

Product description

It’s always time for Elvis Presley! Vandor wall clocks are the perfect accent to any fan’s room. This clock features quartz movement and requires 1 AA battery (not included). It arrives in open face full color packaging and makes the ideal gift for the Elvis Presley fan in your life. Live your legend with Vandor, the market leader in high-quality home goods designed for living.

Vandor Elvis Presley 13.5 Inch Cordless Wood Wall Clock, 13.5 x

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