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Snap Ball Tea Strainer 3 Stainless with Steel Pack High order Outlet SALE

Snap Ball Tea Strainer, 3 Pack Stainless Steel Tea Strainer with


Snap Ball Tea Strainer, 3 Pack Stainless Steel Tea Strainer with


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1. The operation is simple, just put the tea leaves into the filter, then put the tea filter into the boiling water, there will be no tea leaves exposed.

2. In addition to the tea leaves, you can also inject spices and herbs for safety and hygiene.

3. Tea spoon can be used for tea or other products, its hardness is very high, and it is not easy to wear.

4. Enjoying afternoon tea with family and friends is a very happy thing, this tea set is also very suitable as a gift to your friends.

Snap Ball Tea Strainer, 3 Pack Stainless Steel Tea Strainer with

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