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200 Pieces Eyeshadow Shield Pad Patches Gel Max 54% OFF Selling and selling

200 Pieces Eyeshadow Shield Eyeshadow Gel Pad Patches Eyeshadow


200 Pieces Eyeshadow Shield Eyeshadow Gel Pad Patches Eyeshadow

Product description

200 Pieces eyeshadow shield eyeshadow gel pad patches eyeshadow stencils for prevent eyelash extensions, tinting and lip makeup residue


Easy to use:
Keep the skin you want to sick clean and dry, just simply press the self-adhesive eyeshadow shields under eye area, these disposable eyeshadow shields nice for grafting false eyelash and eyeliner isolation.

Wide range of usage:
Nice makeup tools for prevent your eyes from makeup residue under eye area, very suitable for eyelash extension, clip eyelash, eyelash tinting and lip makeup, which can create straight edge for shadow.

Color: white
Size: approx. 50 x 84 mm/ 1.97 x 3.3 inches
Material: non-woven fabric
Quantity: 200 pieces

Package includes:
200 x Eyeshadow shield

Keep the skin you want to stick clean and dry.

From the manufacturer

200 Pieces Eyeshadow Shield Eyeshadow Gel Pad Patches Eyeshadow

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