LED,/Antilope21285.html,Flat,Rear,3,Kit,,1/4",Signals,Turn,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,1157,Turn,Amazicha,$16,Front,masoncash.com.au $16 Amazicha 3 1/4" LED 1157 Turn Signals Kit, Front Rear Flat Turn Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $16 Amazicha 3 1/4" LED 1157 Turn Signals Kit, Front Rear Flat Turn Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Ranking TOP5 Amazicha 3 1 4" LED 1157 Kit Front Turn Flat Rear Signals LED,/Antilope21285.html,Flat,Rear,3,Kit,,1/4",Signals,Turn,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,1157,Turn,Amazicha,$16,Front,masoncash.com.au Ranking TOP5 Amazicha 3 1 4" LED 1157 Kit Front Turn Flat Rear Signals

Ranking TOP5 Amazicha New life 3 1 4

Amazicha 3 1/4" LED 1157 Turn Signals Kit, Front Rear Flat Turn


Amazicha 3 1/4" LED 1157 Turn Signals Kit, Front Rear Flat Turn

Product description

Size:3 1/4 inch

It is aftermarket LED turn signals compatible for Harley Davidson Dyna, Touring Street Glide , Electra Glide , Road Glide , Road King ,Tri Glide , Fat Boy, Softail, Sportster and other models with 3 1/4 inches flat style turn signal lights and 1157 double contacts bulbs

All parts are shown in picture! Please check it carefully.
Please check your motorcycle’s model and confirm compatibility of this item before ordering.
Professional installation is highly recommended.
The following functions are for reference only, and are related to your motorcycle system.

Product Features
Functions :3 1/4” LED turn signals indicator panel with 1157 double contracts plug, switchback mode, front turn signal bulbs, with white running light and amber turning signal; 1157 rear lights with three modes: 1. Running light - outer ring dim red 2. Brake light - all LED's bright red 3. Turn signal - all LED's flashing bright red.
Direct replacement:Our flat style turn signals directly replace your old turn signals
Easy Installation: Plug and play. No modification required

Product Specification:
Aftermarket 100% Brand new LED turn signals
Lamp type: Turn Signal Indicator
Bulb type: LED
LED light Color: Amber White Red
Panel Size: 2 inches
Turn Signals Type: 1157
Volt:DC 12V

Package content:
4 X 1157 led turn signal inserts
Instruction not included

Harley Softail 2011-2021
Harley Dyna 2012-2017
Harley Sportster 2014-2021 (excluding 2016-17 Roadster)
Harley Touring 2014-2021 (excluding 2016-17 CVO models)
Harley Tri Glide 2014-2021 (excluding 2016 CVO)
Compatible for Harley models between 1997-2011 (may require a load equalizer)

Amazicha 3 1/4" LED 1157 Turn Signals Kit, Front Rear Flat Turn

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